Love Your Life


Dreaming of an Australian holiday in 2015. Photo taken somewhere along the Queensland coast. 

I love my life!

How many of us can truthfully say this proclamation to another person, let alone to ourselves?! Most of us are living too small with too much discontent to be able to truthfully say I love my life and really mean it. We settle for the status quo telling ourselves that our lives are good enough. We have a job, money, benefits, a home, a relationship, family, and friends. Perhaps we take a vacation or two each year and we get to do some fun weekend activities every once in awhile. These are all great things, and they’re exactly what we were taught to strive for in life, so why aren’t they always enough?

If we are truly honest with ourselves we might allow ourselves to acknowledge the discontent and unrest that is brewing within us. Allow me let you in on a not so little secret: you’re not alone in feeling this way! When we start noticing how we are feeling throughout our typical day, how often are we in the flow of feeling fabulous and excited to be doing our work and living our lives? When we pay attention to our bodies, do we embrace our spirit’s unhappiness and discord that manifests through annoying symptoms or disease? No, we don’t. We fight these signs and do all we can to alleviate them, perhaps missing their true meaning and message entirely.

So let me ask you: Are you really happy with your job? Does it fulfill you? Does it allow the full expression of who you are meant to be? Are your relationships, friends, and family bringing you the joy and love that you so deeply desire? Do you have the money to have time and financial freedom to live the life you dream of?

In essence, we need to be honest with ourselves and ask ourselves on a regular basis if we love our life. Are we living up to our true potential and expressing ourselves in ways that match what we desire? For most of us the answer is no, we are not. Although we don’t recognize it as such, our spirit is withering away inside of us. Instead of thriving, we’re tolerating and fighting a barrage of discomforts and physical pain and suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia and other stress-related symptoms. In my practice I see so many clients struggling to get on top of their lives that they do not even like, let alone love.

So why do we accept living in disharmony? Why do we settle for the status quo?

Most of us live by our circumstances and not by our dreams. We accept what is right in front of us day by day, year in and year out. I too am a victim of this paradigm and when I am honest with myself, I admit that I am living a much smaller life than my spirit desires.

I cannot say that I love my life as it is right now but I am clear that I definitely want to be able to say this truthfully and with great pride. What exactly it will be or take to achieve is yet to be revealed, but I do know that I am on the journey. Just stating this fact means that I have put my stake in the ground and am claiming that I intend to fulfill my true destiny. I have made the decision to take the more challenging path to find ultimate fulfillment in my life. And now that I’ve said it aloud to everyone reading this, I’ve got a support system to hold me accountable!

My life is good but I know it is not yet what I truly want it to be because I frequently feel the unrest of my spirit. She talks to me in various ways, leaving me a path of signs to let me know that I’m living my life too small and too constricted. I pay attention to my thoughts, feelings, and the outcomes of my day-to-day activities. There is unrest within me and my days are filled with many thoughts of something more out there, something greater waiting for me. If I were to continue to ignore these signs, I would be succumbing to living in discontent and unrest. These bothersome symptoms are my spirit’s way of trying to get me to tune in and realize that something in my life is just not right. I have learned to listen well, now I’m learning to take action.

Health and well-being is more than the absence of disease. In many cases I believe it is spirit’s expression of it’s discourse to find curious ways of making us uncomfortable as a means of trying to get our attention. When we can live in alignment with our spirit we will feel so much happier, more alive and at ease in our bodies. To live in spiritual equilibrium takes great effort, commitment, determination, discipline, diligence and continual follow-through. Are you up for the challenge?

To create a life that serves our true purpose we must pay attention to our  dreams and cultivate the practices that will allow us to achieve them.

All we need to get started is to make a decision to pursue our ‘more’ in life.  Everything in life that we want to achieve takes a decision. Most of the time we act our lives out of habit and routine, but these are not the actions that will change our lives. Deciding to live our lives with purpose and to our soul’s content takes awareness and consciousness and yes, it will definitely be more challenging.

I love my life!

What will it take for you to be able to say that honestly to yourself?

If you are up for the journey please join me in mine to be able to say the most important thing you will ever say to yourself:

I love my life!

Happy Valentine’s Day to You – The Real Love of Your Life!


Tips for the Journey of Loving Your Life

  1. Notice what you are noticing.

  2. Pay attention to what you are thinking.

  3. Be honest with yourself – always.

  4. Take time to sit with yourself each day away from the hustle and bustle of life.

  5. Quiet your mind.

  6. Listen to your body and spirit talking to you through body symptoms, ailments, emotions, thoughts, and ideas.

  7. Don’t argue or rationalize with your body and spirit. Accept the messages they are sending youand look for their meaning.

  8. Tune in to when you are contracting and expanding in your day to day activities. These are clues to what is working and not working for your spirit.

  9. Take action on the nudges of desire and steps that are right in front of you. Small continual stepswill take you to where you want to go.

  10. Be brave, courageous and determined. Changing our lives takes a lot of these attributes.

  11. Surround yourself with positive people who are happy with their lives.

  12. Keep your thoughts positive.

  13. Believe in your dreams.

  14. Most importantly, believe in yourself.

  15. Trust your spirit. It is totally clear regarding what it is truly important for you and is unwavering in it’s determination to get what it desires.

Eilise Ward