New Beginnings

Graduation is a time for bringing things to a close and ending a chapter in our lives that we once thought would never end. Sitting amongst a crowd of endless caps and tassels reminds me of all the new beginnings that are sitting in the foldaway chairs, waiting to cross that stage and cross into the unknown that will become the next big landmark of life.

My daughter graduated from the University of Oregon this week, and seeing her cross that stage and accept her diploma took all of 10 seconds, but it was representative of her three years of grueling hard work and perseverance. It amazed me that this huge chapter of her life came to a close in just a few stairs, a handshake and a quickly snapped photo.

This week she and I have both left behind her college years, at least her undergraduate years, and we have both gained new knowledge to take forth along life’s journey. It can be emotional and scary to leave behind what has given us so much, but it’s all a part of life’s cycle. If we don’t continue through our own life chapters, we’ll never know what comes next. So as we all graduate and come into the next big stage of life, take the time to grieve what is ending and reflect upon the goodbye, but remember that it will become a memory to hold forever.

10 Tips for the Road Ahead

❤ Get to know yourself well because you have all the answers that you need for you - the trick is learning how to access them.
❤ Follow your intuition regarding things that interest or excite you - these are what your spirit wants to explore.
❤ Be open to possibilities - you never know where inspiration may stem from.
❤ Always be aware of your language and choose your words positively - speak for the present and the future, not your past.
❤ Train your mind to stay in the present moment - your life will be richer when you practice mindfulness.
❤ Exercise on a regular basis - not only will it keep your body in shape, your mind will be much sharper.
❤ Read everyday, if only for 10 - 20 minutes - be a lifelong learner.
❤ Reach out to others and make new connections - social connection is what living is all about.
❤ Take some time to quiet your mind on a regular basis - this will help you with everything else in life.
❤ Never look back except to gain perspective.

Eilise Ward